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16 Thurso Hotels and Guest Houses

Sandras Backpackers

4 stars

0 miles from Thurso

Princess St, Thurso, KW14 7BQ · Map

Phone: +44 (0)1847 894575

Score 7.4 from 5 reviews

Single from: £18.00

Double from: £18.00

per room per night

The Weigh Inn Hotel

3 stars

0.6 miles from Thurso

Burnside, Thurso, KW14 7UG · Map

Phone: +44 (0)1847 893722


Single from: £124.00

Double from: £124.00

per room per night

Park Hotel

3 stars

0.4 miles from Thurso

Oldfield, Thurso, KW14 8RE · Map

Phone: +44 (0)1847 893251


Single from: £85.00

Double from: £94.17

per room per night

Muthu Royal Thurso Hotel

3 stars

0.1 miles from Thurso

Traill St, Thurso, KW14 8EH · Map

Phone: +44 (0)1847 893191


Single from: £41.00

Double from: £132.60

per room per night

The Inn @ Y-Not


0.2 miles from Thurso

Meadow Lane, Thurso, KW14 8ER · Map

Phone: +44 (0)1847 892272

Score 7.9 from 7 reviews

Single from: £57.50

Double from: £57.50

per room per night

Camfield House

4 stars

0.2 miles from Thurso

Janet St, Thurso, KW14 7EG · Map

Phone: +44 (0)7711 215823


Single from: £110.00

Double from: £110.00

per room per night

Station Hotel

3 stars

7 miles from Thurso

54 Princes St, Thurso, KW14 7DH · Map

Phone: +44 (0)1847 892003


Single from: £55.00

Double from: £140.00

per room per night

The Marine

4 stars

0.5 miles from Thurso

38 Shore St, Thurso, KW14 8BN · Map

Phone: +44 (0)1847 890676

Score 9.5 from 9 reviews

Single from: £96.00

Double from: £96.00

per room per night

Holborn Hotel

2 stars

0.2 miles from Thurso

16 Princes St, Thurso, KW14 7BQ · Map

Phone: +44 (0)1847 892771


Single from: £67.00

Double from: £180.00

per room per night

Pentland Hotel

3 stars

8.5 miles from Thurso

Princes St, Thurso, KW14 7AA · Map

Phone: +44 (0)1847 63202


Single from: £62.00

Double from: £62.00

per room per night

The Ferry Inn

3 stars

1.6 miles from Thurso

Scrabster, Thurso, KW14 7UJ · Map

Phone: +44 (0)1847 892814


Single from: £60.00


per room per night

Along the northern coast of the Scottish Highlands lies the town of Thurso. The town's history dates back to the Norse Orcadian era, so it's been around since at the very latest 1266. At the time the town played an important role as a Norse port. It went on to have a rich trade history throughout northern Europe until the 1800s. The town was so important economically that in 1330 King David II brought the standard unit of weight into line with what Thurso was using. Thanks to its location Thurso has much to offer their guests.

Because it is located on the coast one of the biggest draws is the water. Matter of fact, Thurso is home to some of the most powerful waves in Scotland. Often times these Atlantic waves have been compared to those of Hawaii. However, don't expect to get the nice balmy temperatures that you do in Hawaii, since this is Scotland you are going to find the air and water temperatures to be far cooler so keep that in mind. But if you are still interested these waves can get up to 50 feet in height and can make for some awesome surfing.

Of course you don't have to be in the water to enjoy the water. The town is near the village of Scrabster, which joins Thurso by ferry port. This busy port is home to many commercial vessels that go out to bring in the local catch of the day but they also have many for rent and cruise boats too. You can always take a cruise of the harbor or even charter a boat to go out and catch your own dinner.

If you are done with the water for a while then why don't you venture out into the country side. Here there are many forests and inland lochs to explore. If you are a walker then you will find a lot of interesting walking paths to enjoy. While you are out in the country side be sure to look out for the birds and wildlife. You might get to see some rare breeds to add to you watching list.

While you are out exploring you might be surprised to find a great many items to view. There are several ancient castles in the area that are open for visitors to tour through as well as some old churches to enjoy. Add that to the breathtaking scenery and it's no wonder why Thurso is a place that people come to sit back and relax.

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