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5 Brampton Hotels and Guest Houses

Scotch Arms Mews Bed & Breakfast


25.3 miles from Brampton

34 - 35 Main St, Brampton, Cumbria, Brampton, CA8 1SB · Map

Phone: +44 (0)16977 41409


Single from: £55.00

Double from: £55.00

per room per night

Inside the county of Cumbria, within the city of Carlisle, one can find the beautiful village of Brampton. With a meager population of five thousand people, Brampton won't soon be mistaken for one of the larger towns in Cumbria but Brampton does have one thing that many of its neighbors lack: Charm. The history of Brampton is not especially unique when compared to the history of most English towns. The usual process goes like this: Either the town in question was first discovered by the Romans in the early years after Christ's death during the heyday of the Empire or it was discovered not much later during the days of Saxon lords. Either way the town in question likely saw Norman conquests and infighting between Scottish lords, perhaps, or Danes. After that came centuries of English rule and if a town was located near the water it likely became a popular tourist town during the boom of Oceanside resort spa towns. If it was by a fertile lake the town probably became famous for making wool or some other necessary goods. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution and the coming of the railways the town either changed its face forever into an industry town or kept its identity as a small village with a Market Square that has stood for centuries. This is part of the course for nearly every English town and Brampton is no different in its history, or at least not excessively different. What sets Brampton apart from its peers, however, is the way in which its history is brought to life so effortlessly.

Hadrian's Wall is a mere two miles from Brampton and so of course this makes the town have at least a bit of tourism. This wall was one of the most imposing and incredible creations ever wrought by the Roman Empire and parts of it can be seen in many different areas of northern England because the wall stretches so widely and expansively. Brampton, however, offers a great view of some of the less tarnished areas of the famed wall. Hadrian's Wall is nearly two thousand years old and it is England's most popular tourist attraction for a good reason: It is just downright astounding to see something this old and this magnificent.

Another great draw in Brampton is the beloved St. Martin's Church. This lovely cathedral is the only church designed by the master Philip Webb and the stained glass windows in the church are considered to be among the most gorgeous in all of Europe; quite a feature indeed! It seems Webb truly did have a love for the landscape of Cumbria because evidence suggests he spent much time there. Naworth Castle, a stately edifice very near Brampton, is filled with architectural marvels and at least two of the houses on the property are known to be designed by Webb. It seems that Brampton wasn't simply a town that history happened to, as it were, but instead helped to shape and create the history that it happened upon.

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