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4 Wirral Hotels and Guest Houses

Hillbark Hotel & Spa

5 stars

1.6 miles from Wirral

Royden Park, Hillbark Road, Wirral, CH48 1NP · Map





North West England is home to many peninsulas and isles and it is difficult to single out one as the perfect example of beauty in the area. All the same, it is even more difficult to discount Wirral once you take a look at it. Though Wirral is only seven miles across and a mere ten miles from north to south, an astonishing amount of beauty and history has been packed into this area. The River Dee and the River Mersey flank either side of Wirral and thus have given it the bountiful landscape that they bestow on nearly every place they run across.

Funnily enough, Wirral may not have always been so gorgeous. Evidence suggests that the city got its name from a translation of the word Wir-Heal. This was an Anglo-Saxon term that meant "myrtle corner" It is assumed that Wirral was once a marsy, swampy area that was overgrown with the insidious bog myrtle. Much of the surrounding area is still overrun with the bog myrtle and, though it isn't a particularly unattractive plant, one can't help but think that Wirral is better off now that the plant doesn't grow in town. On the other hand, this assumption is based on the notion that the man-made beauty of the town eclipses that of a random marsh plant. If you are an environmental sort you may disagree but it is hard to argue the fact that Wirral's architecture is not downright beautiful. The city seemingly has it all: Beautiful and quaint houses that vary from Edwardian to Victorian to Georgian can be seen nearly every place you look. There are also many incredible red buildings made out of sandstone and quite a few of these are designated as historical treasures. This doesn't just make a postcard-worthy view; it proves just how long Wirral has been inhabited and by what kind of people. Not far from these houses are the sandy beaches of Wirral. Though it is a peninsula, the coastline varies tremendously and most citizens agree that the point where Wirral meets the Irish Sea is the place for picturesque scenery and carefree lounging.

Wirral is home to several different dialects as well and this helps to ensure that nobody is ever bored in the city. Visitors to Wirral marvel at how different the town is in different locations despite its relatively small size. South Wirral, for instance, is far more rural and country than west Wirral, which is more beach oriented. No matter where you look you can be sure that a surprise is around the corner. Few towns are as wonderfully varied and unique and this more than anything should serve as the reason for why Wirral deserves nothing but the highest amount of respect. If you have yet to visit this pristine peninsula then you owe it to yourself to get here as soon as possible. One fair warning, though: Once you arrive in Wirral you'll find it very difficult to convince yourself to leave.

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